Flippin' Burgers

Here’s some information about our philosophy, how we work with local, organic and small producers. You will also find information about working for us and other bits and pieces.


At Flippin' we like simple burgers made from scratch without fuss. For real. That's why we only work with small meat producers who care about animal husbandry and farm animals that are kept outdoors in summer and graze, since this is simply what's good for them. This makes the meat nice and tasty. We of course only use fresh, dry aged meat.

Our main suppliers are the small butcher Skärgårdsslakteriet on Värmdö and KRAV-certified Gröna Gårdar, mainly on the west coast.

Skärgårdsslakteriet is a small butcher at Tavastboda farm on Värmdö. They mainly slaughter animals from farms in the Stockholm archipelago and Ekerö with natural and local rearing, where the animals graze and are well looked after. The small butcher with short deliveries, often by boat, makes the operation unique and contributes to a vibrant community. All meat is farm specified, and also hung and tenderized.

Gröna Gårdar feed their animals slowly and naturally using only grass mixed with herbs. The aim is to get the tastiest, most tender and most healthy meat. They also put great importance to the rearing process so that each step is the best possible for the animal. The farms are KRAV-certified and they use a KRAV-certified slaughterhouse and the animals are at least 24 months when they are slaughtered.

Our buns are delivered freshly baked seven days a week from Magnus Johansson Bageri in Hammarby Sjöstad. We have developed the bread together with Magnus, who we dare to claim is one of the best bakers in the country.

Korvhantverk are the masters behind our KRAV certified nitrite free Bacon. 

Green Fries, their idea is simple, to make the world's best fries. They use a special KRAV organic potato grown 9km from their production kitchen located in Hässleholm, Skåne. 

We make our shakes from Ben & Jerry's fair trade ice cream and organic milk. That's it. We top it with organic cream and drizzle homemade fudge sauce from Pärlans konfektyr over it.

Our wines come from the supplier Winetrade, based in Stockholm. With their slogan vin utan skit (~wines without shit) they have specialised in organic and biodynamic grapes that are vinified without any added yeast, enzyme, tannin, acid, sugar or any other industrial additives. Wines that are made in harmony with nature, culture and tradition and haven't been pasteurised or cold stabilised.

Our coffee supplier is Johan & Nyström and we make our drip coffee from handpicked and craft roasted organic beans.

Small producers can't always live up to all demands made for different certifications, but can still have an operation which in most aspects still exceeds the demands and can be way ahead of larger producers in areas that are most important for animal husbandry and slaughter. We therefore firstly look at the small scale operation and the relation we create with the supplier.

Staff / HR

Our restaurant is built at every step on commitment, quality and huge amounts of love for the food we serve. This is something we cherish and which permeates how we see our restaurant as a workplace. We shall be a healthy workplace where all of us have the opportunity to feel comfortable and happy. That's how we want it.

With us you can

  • Be yourself. We like that we are different people with different personalities.
  • Have the opportunity to learn new stuff and develop in your current position or maybe a new one. We want you to stay with us for a long time.

Some more facts about us

  • We want to know what our colleagues think and feel and therefore do appraisal reviews and employee questionnaires.
  • We give a yearly fitness grant as an encouragement for all of those colleagues who want to work out, swim, have a massage or look after their physical health in some other way.
  • You stand or walk during your whole shift and we don't want our colleagues to be achy, we therefore offer a yearly shoe grant so you can buy really comfy shoes.
  • We are of course members of Visita and have a collective bargaining agreement with HRF and Unionen.

We're often looking for skilled colleagues and the most important thing is that you're passionate about service and have a great interest in learning new stuff. Even if there aren't any vacancies right now we still welcome your application for future needs. Fill out the form below and remember to enclose a CV and a personal letter.

Application form


Burgers are simple food that is sold everywhere, from street stalls to fine restaurants. The only thing you really need is good mince and nice bread. In spite of this, it was for a long time difficult to go out for a good burger made from scratch in Stockholm. The selection varied between prefabricated frozen burgers to large compact minced beefs so high that they robbed the burger of one of its core principals – that you can eat it with your hands.

In later years there have been a much welcomed addition of dedicated burger restaurants, serving juicy burgers with attention to ingredients and cooking. It's an exciting and eagerly awaited development. This is exactly what was missed when Flippin' Burgers opened in 2012, a dedicated hamburger place where the burger and its quality is at the centre, a place where the taste, texture and quality of the burger is exclusive – not the price. 

Jon Widegren, the founder, left work in March 2011, bought a laptop and a meat grinder and started working to realize the idea. He went to the USA in early May 2011 for a road trip lasting six weeks in order to get inspiration, knowledge and food experiences. The blog Flippin' Burgers was born to record the trip, but also the longer trip towards a restaurant of his own.


Flippin' Burger could finally be realized early in 2012. Doors opened our on the 7th of March for all the enthusiasts who had six months earlier bought a gift voucher via fundedbyme.se and on the 23rd of March the restaurant was open for everyone. The road was long and windy and it wouldn't have been possible without the support from many wonderful people who have contributed with advice, tips and constructive criticism. And money.

We've been in our current premises at Observatoriegatan 8 since november 2013. Many thanks to those who've taken part so far and welcome to all new guests!


Q: Why don’t you take bookings?

A: We want our guests to be able to just turn up without having planned far in advance. That means presently that you often have to wait for a table when many people turn up at the same time. We still think that it’s the least bad alternative compared to taking bookings – better to wait for an hour than a week.

Q: Why do you want the guests to wait in the restaurant rather than waiting somewhere else?

A: There are several reasons for this. In our experience, lots of people don’t come back after putting their name down. This mainly affects other guests who are waiting since they get told that the waiting time is longer than it’ll really be. It also makes it difficult for the headwaiter to give a correct estimate of the waiting time for new guests. We don’t want to tie our guests down, we like a spontaneous flow.

It’s difficult to always estimate the waiting time correctly and tables often become available faster than the headwaiter thought. Guests who’ve left come back and realise that their names have been called several times and that they’ve lost their places to the next person on the list. These situations can of course be solved but it’s easier and nicer for everybody if the people who want to eat and are on the list remain in the restaurant. That’s how most queues work. Our experience is that you always get a table quicker if you stay than if you leave.

We have at times tried keeping a list where guests can put their names down and then leave, but it meant that people who put their names down weren’t really planning to eat it also meant that people turned up earlier and earlier to put their names down for a booking later in the evening. And then it becomes a booking system and the whole idea of drop in fails.

We want to stress that we don’t make our guests stay in the restaurant in order to make money from you while you’re waiting. The bar was a request from our guests when we moved to the larger venue and we wish of course for the waiting experience to be as nice as possible for you. But there’s no expectation nor wish that the guests should buy something from the bar. It’s all about being able to keep the waiting times as short as possible, same for all.

Q: Does the whole party have to wait in the restaurant the whole time?

A: No, that’s not necessary. As long as there is someone there that the headwaiter can talk to regarding waiting times, available tables etc.

Q: How do we know when it’s our turn?

A: The headwaiter will call your name and when the whole party is gathered you will be shown to your table.

Q: Why are you only open for lunch Friday-Sunday?

A: We think it’s nicer just to do evenings, apart from these days, when lunches becomes more laidback.

Q: Do you do takeaway?

A: Yes. You order it from the bar from the normal menu. You normally have to wait 10-15 minutes, but if the restaurant is full or if we have many orders it might take 20-30 minutes. You can also order online here, through our own app or for delivery via Wolt, Foodora and Ubereats.

Q: Can I book the whole restaurant for a special event?

A: Not in the evening, but sometimes for a lunch. You can send an inquiry to info@flippinburgers.se

Q: Do you serve bread without gluten?

A: We serve a bread – apart from our normal buns – without added gluten. We say that the bun has no added gluten because of the food legislation. Please note that the bakery and the restaurant are not gluten free zones.

Press / Media

Below are some high resolution images that are free to use for the media. Below also some press clips.

Press images

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If you have any questions, points of view or just a kind word, please e-mail us on info@flippinburgers.se

Flippin' Burgers ABs dataskyddspolicy

 Vi värnar om din personliga integritet. Denna dataskyddspolicy förklarar hur vi samlar in och använder din personliga information. Den beskriver också dina rättigheter och hur du gör dem gällande.

 Informationen vänder sig till dig som:

  • Kontaktar oss för offert/bokningsförfrågan
  • Kontaktar oss med jobbansökan
  • På annat sätt kommunicerar med oss, t ex via våra restaurangers e-post
  • Är leverantör till Flippin' Burgers AB och bedriver enskild näringsverksamhet


Personuppgifter vi samlar in och hanterar 

-När du kontaktar oss med jobbansökan hanterar vi följande uppgifter som du själv lämnar till oss:


Vi hanterar dina personuppgifter för att:

Rättslig grund för hanteringen: Vi hanterar dina personuppgifter för vårt och ditt berättigade intresse att hantera ditt ärende (intresseavvägning). Vi sparar uppgifter om dig upp till 24 månader för att säkra spårbarhet i din kommunikation med oss.

-När du på annat sätt kommunicerar med oss, t ex via våra restaurangers e-post, hanterar vi följande uppgifter som du själv lämnar till oss:


Vi hanterar dina personuppgifter för att:

Rättslig grund för hanteringen: Vi hanterar dina personuppgifter för vårt och ditt berättigade intresse att hantera ditt ärende (intresseavvägning). Vi sparar uppgifter om dig upp till 24 månader för att säkra spårbarhet i din kommunikation med oss. Därutöver kommer vissa personuppgifter att sparas i enlighet med de lagkrav som Flippin' Burgers AB lyder under, exempelvis bokföringslagen.

-När du är leverantör till Flippin' Burgers AB och bedriver enskild näringsverksamhet hanterar vi följande uppgifter som du själv lämnar till oss:


Vi hanterar dina personuppgifter för att:

Rättslig grund för hanteringen: Vi hanterar dina personuppgifter med stöd i fullgörande av avtal när vi bokför och betalar de produkter/tjänster som köpts. Vi sparar uppgifter om dig upp till 24 månader. Därutöver kommer vissa personuppgifter att sparas i enlighet med de lagkrav som Flippin' Burgers AB lyder under, exempelvis bokföringslagen.


Till vem lämnar vi ut dina personuppgifter

 Flippin' Burgers lämnar aldrig ut eller säljer aldrig dina uppgifter till tredje part.


Hur du kommer åt och kontrollerar dina personuppgifter

Flippin' Burgers AB, Upplandsgatan 34, 113 28 Stockholm är personuppgiftsansvarig för behandling av personuppgifter.


Du har rätt att få tillgång till de personuppgifter vi har sparade om dig, att begära rättelse av dina personuppgifter samt rätt till radering av dina personuppgifter. I det senare fallet kan vi ha rätt att neka din begäran ifall det finns legala skyldigheter som hindrar oss från att omedelbart radera vissa personuppgifter, t ex från bokförings- och skattelagstiftning. Om du vill utnyttja dina rättigheter kontaktar du respektive restaurang/person som du har haft kontakt med så återkommer vi till dig i ärendet.

Datainspektionen är ansvarig för att övervaka tillämpningen av lagstiftningen, och den som anser att ett företag hanterar personuppgifter på ett felaktigt sätt kan lämna in ett klagomål till Datainspektionen.