The book

The basic hamburger consists only of meat and bread. When something is so simple one can easily turn it into something difficult. Or just fail because it seems so easy. So how do you do it? In our cookbook you can read about what we believe in.

Hamburgers from scratch

What's the secret to a good hamburger? The answer is very simple. There isn't one. The notion that there is a secret out there mirrors a common misconception – that it must be something complicated and unknown that makes some burgers better than others. That's not true. As with all food the burger requires knowledge, love and good ingredients. But very few dishes have as few secrets as the burger.


It's about meat and bread. There is no road ahead without a nice minced beef and a good bread. A dish with only two ingredients obviously requires ingredients of the highest quality. And a certain technique in the handling. There are no hidden secrets here either, but some knowledge. It's about cuts and cooking, fat and fibres, texture and temperature, consistency and composition, proportions and not least – passion.

We share our knowledge and what we think is essential in the creation of an awesome burger in our cookbook Flippin' Burgers - Hamburgare från grunden.

  • Language: Swedish
  • Pages: 128
  • Publishing date: 2013-03-23
  • Edition: 1
  • Publisher: Natur & Kultur
  • ISBN: 9789127134270

Find it in all good book shops, online or in the restaurant Flippin' Burgers.