Our restaurant is built at every step on commitment, quality and huge amounts of love for the food we serve. This is something we cherish and which permeates how we see our restaurant as a workplace. We shall be a healthy workplace where all of us have the opportunity to feel comfortable and happy. That’s how we want it.

Work with us!

With us you can

  • Be yourself. We like that we are different people with different personalities.
  • Have the opportunity to learn new stuff and develop in your current position or maybe a new one. Most of our responsibility roles are appointed by internal applicants.We want you to stay with us for a long time.
  • Influence our work place. Maybe by creating track lists for the restaurant or take part in the burger lab.
  • Take part in our awesome staff days. We mostly have fun at work but these days are extra fun.

Some more facts about us

  • If you're curious about figures – we are about 65 employees with an average age of 27. We've just about 50 % women and 50 % men. Right now we have people originating from Sweden, USA, England, USA, Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Turkey, Germany, Holland Thailand, Denmark and Brazil. Half of us work full time and the rest combines work with studies. 
  • We want to know what our colleagues think and feel and therefore do appraisal reviews and employee questionnaires.
  • We give a yearly fitness grant as an encouragement for all of those colleagues who want to work out, swim, have a massage or look after their physical health in some other way.
  • During the year, everyone has the opportunity to influence what their pay review.. The assessment is based on four criteria: Commitment, Knowledge, Service and Quality.
  • You stand or walk during your whole shift and we don't want our colleagues to be achy, we therefore offer a yearly shoe grant so you can buy really comfy shoes. Of course, we also provide professional clothing.
  • We're of course members of Visita and have a collective bargaining agreement with HRF and Unionen.

Come and work with us

We're often looking for skilled colleagues and the most important thing is that you're passionate about service and eager to learn new stuff. Even if there aren't any vacancies right now we still welcome your application for future needs. Fill out the form below and remember to enclose a CV and a personal letter.

Before you send your application please refer to our data protection policy under "contact" on the about us page.

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