Our philosophy at Flippin’ is to keep it simple. A handful of burgers and shakes, fries on the side, a bunch of craft beers and some organic wines. Read on.


Our burgers are handmade from dry aged beef from small producers that care about animal husbandry and slaughter. Animals that are kept outdoors and graze, since this is simply what’s good for them. This makes the meat nice and tasty. We grind our meat every day in the restaurant, using the Blumenburger technique.

A burger should at the same time be simple and unpretentious. That’s why we don’t add a lot of toppings on our burgers, since if a burger isn’t tasty on its own it won’t be any better with more toppings.

The beef-to-bun-ratio is important to us burger nerds, neither too much meat nor too large a bun is successful. That’s why our single burgers are 150 g and our double burgers are 2 x100 g. Thus keeping a nice balance between meat and bread in both cases.

Our vegetarian and vegan option is a tempeh burger that is made by fermented Swedish quinoa. No additives, no cheating. Plant-based cheese & sauces are also available on our tempeh burgers.

Our bread is delivered freshly baked daily from Magnus Johansson Bageri.
Gluten & lactose-free buns are also available.

Hamburger - single/double/tempeh


For the pure at heart. Meat and bread. Nothing more.

Cheeseburger - single/double/tempeh


As it was meant to be. Meat. Bread. Cheese.

Burgler - single/double/tempeh


An old school burger modelled on the early hamburger chains. Served with cheese, tomato, iceberg lettuce and our own dressing.

Flippin' - single/double/tempeh


A classic cheeseburger. Enhanced with a little mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and white onions.

Cricket - single/double/tempeh


The signature burger from The Cherry Cricket in Denver, Co, 
with cream cheese and jalapenos. We serve it with pickled jalapenos and add caramelized onion, and top it off with 
pickled red onions.

SNS - single/double/tempeh


Classic cheeseburger topped with crispy shoestring fries & spicy chili mayo.

B.C.P - single/double


Bacon, cheese, pickles. Cheeseburger with organic craft bacon and dill pickles. Mustard & ketchup. Our bacon is made by Korvhantverk Sthlm, nitrite free from KRAV-certified pigs.

Kids burger


100 g hamburger /cheeseburger.


Flippin' industry fries


Just fries, same as day one.

Swedish organic fries


Double fried single origin organic potatoes from Skåne.

Shakes & Floats

All shakes are made with Ben & Jerry’s fair trade ice cream and organic milk. Served with whipped organic cream and toppings from Pärlans Konfektyr.

Fancy just ice cream? Choose from the flavours below… 30:-/50:-



Vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Fudge Brownie


Chocolate ice cream with bits of chocolate brownie

Strawberry Cheesecake


Ice cream with strawberry cheesecake, bits of strawberry and a sauce
whirl with digestive biscuits.

Flippin' Kombo

Give your shake a shot for added bite.

Vanilla & Jack Daniels

Chocolate Fudge Brownie & Captain Morgan

Strawberry Cheesecake & Bacardi Superior


Vanilla ice cream and soda in perfect harmony.

Bourbon Float

Vanilla ice cream and soda embellished with 4 cl bourbon.

Draft beer

Please find current selection of tap beers upon visting the restaurant.

Bottled beer

Please ask us about the guest beers we have today!


Please see our current selection of ciders when visiting the restaurant

White wine

We only have natural wine, which means organically- or biodynamically grown grapes vilified without additives.

Red wine

We only have natural wine, which means organically- or biodynamically grown grapes vilified without additives.


Please see current selection when visiting the restaurant.

Alcohol free beverages

Please visit us for current selection of alcohol free beverages


Drip Coffee